creepy clowns.jpgSeriously clowns are fucking creepy, why are they even a thing?  Who thought this was a good idea? What is it about them that strikes terror in us? Where did they come from and when will it be over?

Coulrophobia is the official name for a very real phobia, fear of clowns.  Yes, it has a name and it’s a real thing.

Just as we were recovering from the terror of Pennywise (Stephen King’s IT) and the real life serial killer who sidelined as a clown (John Wayne Gacy) the creepy clown craze of 2016 reminded us all that clowns were the devil.

When you think about it logically it’s pretty obvious why they are creepy even when they are not trying to be.  Take a man, usually 30 plus, dressed up in some oversized pants, brightly coloured wig over painted white face with a never ending fake red smile.  Sometimes the creep talks and sometimes you get this weird combo of mime and clown.   You wonder what is underneath the mask, you wonder why they chose the clown path, what dark secrets are they hiding with that plastered on smile?

Perhaps it’s the anonymity of a clown that conjures up those creepy feelings.  Perhaps it’s that everlasting memory of the clown that lured children into the sewers, carried balloons filled with blood and could transform into your worst fears i.e. a giant fucking child eating spider.

Whatever it is, they are creepy and if I see one I will most likely attack it.

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