Level 1  Creeper – The Pester

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This creep has not yet developed into a full blown creeper but they lack the emotional IQ to understand that touching a strangers hair is not ok.  This low level creeper is usually pale in complexion and probably lives in a basement of some kind.  He often doesn’t require a specific target to creep on but gives most people a general feeling of unease.  Typically the Pester will make friends with you on all your social media within moments of meeting you and may try to establish a relationship with you despite receiving no signals from you.  While not typically dangerous the Pester can escalate quickly to the next level if he becomes obsessed.

Level 2 – The Clinger

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This creep hasn’t ever understood the concept of playing hard to get.  They throw themselves at their target shamelessly and relentlessly.  While the Pester simply sulks in the background the Clinger shows up at inappropriate times and doesn’t appear to even attempt to hide the motive.  This creeper usually has issues with personal space and will often stand overly close to people when talking to them.  They can be identified by their abnormally long fingers and the lingering stare that makes everyone around them fear for their bunny rabbits.  Avoid showing any interest in The Clinger for they will take this an invitation to be your BFF and most likely start scrap booking your entire relationship.  They may even make a patchwork quilt with photos of your face so beware of someone that looks like a random tourist in the street taking photos of you.

Level 3 – The Clown

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This is the most terrifying creeper you will ever come across.  They have all the trade mark features of creepiness right from their pale faces down to their oversized feet.  These murderous mother fuckers like to lurk in children’s playground, sewers, gym changing rooms, dark alleyways, wardrobes and your nightmares.  Often the Clown will disguise itself as an everyday worker in an office but if you are smart you will see the Clown beneath the suit and steer clear of the trickster.  Clowns are so dangerous because you don’t know their true intentions until it’s too late, underneath their ageless smile could be a set of sharp teeth just waiting for the right moment to bite.  There is a reason that Clowns are the most feared species of creeper and if you see one I suggest you attack it or run for your life.