Image result for public transport creepsTalk to anyone who has taken public transport and you will most likely hear stories of train riding and bus hopping creepers.  Ferries and trams also have an abundance of creeps but my research into the matter suggests these creeps are less common.

What makes a creep even creepier than normal? Being on public transport with little chance of escaping them.

Most women have horror stories about the transport creeps that sit too close, stare for too long or try to enrage them in creepy small talk.  A lot of women have stories of being touched, followed or even abused.

It’s hard to know how far the public transport creeper will go so its best to understand what you might be dealing with.

  1. The drunken ride home guy – This creep may slur their words and smell like a jager bomb exploded all over them but for the most part they are just looking to keep the party going.  Avoid eye contact and make it clear you don’t want to talk.  Move to a different seat if you can and stay close to other commuters.
  2. The sleazy sweat monster – This guy is a career creeper and knows all the creepy tricks in the book.  They will position themselves to maximise their creep factor either opposite you so they are looking right at you or behind or beside you.  Don’t engage, don’t be polite, move seats right away.  These creeps always look for an easy victim, one they believe won’t push back.  Make it clear and if you have to, be loud about it.
  3. The clown – If you see a clown on public transport, run like hell.  There is no circumstance in which this is acceptable.

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